Etsat silver, textil.

Serie bestående av broscher och halssmycken gjorda under perioden 2012-2016.

Katalogtext om serien Avtryck skriven inför utställning på ATTA Gallery, Bangkok, 2017:

The silk garment has its own specific way of falling, softly flowing through the air. Time passes slowly while the material shapes itself. It folds and unfolds during its extended journey towards the floor.

By the use of photography and etching technique I have been able to transfer pictures of momentarily, and by chance created, textile shapes onto the surface of the silver sheet. To me there is a strong connection between the image of the fallen cloth and my own bodily existence. 

Silver has an ability to transform itself into the shape or appearance of another material. It is as if the precious metal remembers and captures the essence of the other material through it own transformation.

It becomes a carrier of a long lost material message.